Lets blow up the other half of Seatle eh Guy?

The First 2 out of 4 Runs and something stupid that happened in between.

First Run

The first run of this group was very straightforward go blow up this building where they are building something the corp-employer doesn’t like this is one of the few that whent smoothly, not much to say. Sniped the guards outside the building, went in to building killed rest of security, blew up building, Round of celebratory drinks.

Second Run

Also straight forward wetwork with money taken out for collateral damage. Surveillance pays of target comes out onto balcony, with a young lady and begins to seek pleasure from her mouth on certain nether regions, needless to say she has a front row seat for when his head explodes from an EX Explosive round staged up to the equivalent of Light Naval Damage. which fills in the entire conditional modifier and then 5 boxes over. Then to escape one of our runners didn’t bring a vehicle so instead he ties a trash can to the back of a companions motorbike with his belt. needless to say after a particularly bad bump, the belt snaps. He is then flown through the air into a sewage plants vat. hilarity ensues.

I will skip over what was ostensibly the next two runs as they were Horrific failures. Suffice it to say half of Seatle is either burning, or crushed.

After this we come to a mission I actually came up with more or less on the fly. The destruction of a decker data haven in I bleieve it was Vladivostok. Very succesful we kind of ended up larping the fight scene a little bit as we were unable to find a map and needed some to keep track of things. This is how it stands to date more updates after this word from our sponsor.

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