Kiyoshi "Sharp Fist"

Street Ninja Guy


In a place with a metal door and lot of people putting there lives on the line if you see a foam fist that has a hand blade… I have been and Won. Goes in a van called the band bus with his friend Kai which I call Gui and that has a lot of golf balls. I have more friend which are cool. Have my own fighting style which I called Steve-tion Fighting. Not much goes on with me.


From a baby growing up with hand blades since i was 14 my family made a religion called Naruto, The Way Of The Ninja. It went by picking your favorite person and Practice there hand to hand fighting. I got use to calling the hand blades Chakra blades. But i also took up another ones fighting. And i learned to use one of his moves just like him. then my father father taught me the rest of it. So i became a ninja and meet all of my friends when i was living on the streets Till Gui/Kai Took me in. I paid him what he wanted for rent. So on so farther.

Kiyoshi "Sharp Fist"

Lets blow up the other half of Seatle eh Guy? Kanon_GM_AKA_Sane_be_Gone