Caddyblaster (Golf obsessed demolitions expert)


“Have a nice day!” – Last thing seen by a guard who picked up a golf ball.

When you see an elf in golf pants, golf hard hat, and trench coat, driving away very fast in a van that says ‘BANG BUS’ on the side, you should run to the next zip code. Before the big BOOM goes off preferably.

“50 Iron” – Etching on the side of the hidden rail gun.

When he shows up, missions go to hell, no always his fault though. well…. most of the time it is, but….. whatever.

“KAI YOU ASSHOLE!!!” – Everyone who dose not like fire works to end a mission.


Home: He was playing with chemicals in the basement and then was told to go outside and play. As he sat on the fence and looked out at the street, he heard a loud bang behind him. When he turned around, he saw the house across the street from him. Along with a smoking crater that was once his house. Not really his fault. The furnace should not have been on in the summer time. After moving from burning orphanage to smoking crater that was an orphanage, he was emancipated and found a job as a shadowrunner. He met up with the unsavory lot he travels with now. Then got a girlfriend and vaporized an amusement park. In Russia, wore an elephant hat.